ANGELICA: Digestive and glandular stimulant. Aids in detoxification (blood and lymphatic systems), eases headaches, relaxes nerves. USES: Bath , massage, diffuser. Increases photosensitivity, do not apply prior to sun exposure.

BASIL: Headaches, indigestion, stimulates hormones, helpful for memory and balancing left and right brain. DO NOT USE DURING PREGNANCY. USES: Bath , massage, diffuser, spray mist.

BERGAMOT: Anti-depressant, uplifting, cheering oil. Opens the heart, boosts the immune system, eases tension, regulates the menstrual cycle. USES: Bath , massage, diffuser, spray mist.

BEZOIN: Anti-fungal, vanilla-like sweetness. USES: Bath , massage, chest rub, skin care, diffuser, steam inhalation.

CAJEPUT: Antiseptic, stimulant, beneficial for bronchial and respiratory conditions.

CARROT SEED: Vitalizes and fortifies; liver and gallbladder tonic, aids recuperative powers. Rashes, psoriasis, eczema. USES: Bath , massage, skin care, diffuser.

CEDARWOOD: (Atlas the truest and safest). Analgesic, reduces anxiety, insect repellant. DO NOT USE DURING PREGNANCY. USES: Massage, chest rub, bath, sauna, diffuser, skin and hair care.

CHAMOMILE (blue-German): Enhances creativity and communication. Calms, soothes, eases depression, stress and anger. Helps regulate the menstrual cycle, lowers blood pressure, boosts the immune system, induces restful sleep. Fruity aroma. USES: Bath , massage diffuser, hair and skin care.

CHAMOMILE (Roman): Analgesic, anxiety, inflammation, soothes the nervous system. Resembles apples in aroma. USES: bath, massage, diffuser, hair and skin care.

CINNAMON LEAF: CAUTION: USE SPARINGLY. Anti-viral. Aphrodisiac. USES: Skin care.

CLARY SAGE: Relieves cramps, reduces paranoia, PMS, fear and anxiety, panic attacks, relaxes muscles. A dreamy, pungent aroma. DO NOT USE DURING PREGNANCY. USES: Bath , massage, skin and hair care, diffuser, spray mist.

CORIANDER: Analgesic, detoxifies the body, aids in painful digestion, nervous exhaustion.

EUCALYPTUS: Anti-viral, improves immune system, antiseptic , antibiotic, respiratory problems, alleviates grief and sorrow. USES: Massage, bath, sauna, steam inhalation, chest rub, spray mist, diffuser.

FIR NEEDLE: Stimulates, refreshes, uplifts and grounds, good for breath work during meditation. USES: Diffuser, spray mist.

FRANKINCENSE: One of the most treasured and costly substances of ancient times; evokes a sense of inspiration, faith, inner strength and stability, balances emotions, alleviates nightmares. Reduces anxiety. Rejuvenates aged skin. USES: Bath , massage, skin care, diffuser.

GERANIUM: Emotional balancer; strengthens the kidneys and liver. Promotes healing of burns and wounds. Relieves PMS and regulates menstrual cycle. Eases anxiety (especially for children), apprehension, mood swings. Antiseptic qualities. USES: Bath , massage, skin care, diffuser.

GINGER: Fortifies and energizes, promotes confidence., courage and assertiveness. Enhances memory. Aids digestion. Beneficial for colds, sore throats and fever. USES: Bath , massage, diffuser.

GRAPEFRUIT: Stimulates and clears the mind. Eases depression and moodiness, inspires humor, joy and confidence. Increases circulation, eases stress, regulates the appetite. USES: Massage, bath, spray mist, diffuser.

JASMINE: Sensuous and romantic. Eases emotional constriction, frigidity and impotence. Warms and uplifts. Stimulates creativity. USES: Bath , massage, skin care, diffuser.

 JUNIPER: Promotes well-being, cleans and stimulates the mind, enhances kidney and bladder function, strengthens the immune, nervous, glandular and digestive systems, clears negative energy. USES: Bath , massage diffuser (in massage useful for arthritis, gout, cellulite, and rheumatism).

LAVENDER: Eases insomnia, depression, clears negative energy, asthma, bronchitis. Brings clarity and peace. Useful in massage for coma, brain injuries and severe trauma where massage is not contraindicated. Removes muscular and arthritic pain. Speeds healing process. Immune system booster. USES: Massage, bath, diffuser, sauna, skin and hair care, steam inhalation, spray mist.

LEMON: Eases anxiety, depression. Tonic for liver, gallbladder, pancreas, and circulatory system. Energizes and purifies. USES: Bath , massage, skin care, sauna, diffuser, spray mist. Skin irritant, so dilution is required. Increases photosensitivity.

LEMONGRASS: Insect repellant, stress and headache reliever, good for exhaustion. USES: Massage, bath, diffuser, spray mist, skin care.

MANDARIN: Uplifts the spirits, relieves tension and nervousness, cheers and inspires. Aids digestion. May be used during pregnancy. USES: Bath , massage, Diffuser, spray mist.

MARJORAM: Sedative. Relieves muscular pain and stiffness, lowers high blood pressure, aids respiratory problems, eases anger , worry, irritability, stress and tension. USES: Bath , massage, steam inhalation, spray mist, diffuser.

MYRHH: Considered a sacred herb. Good for meditation. Helpful for skin conditions, respiratory problems, stimulates digestion. DO NOT USE DURING PREGNANCY. USES: Chest rub, bath, massage, steam inhalation, skin care, spray mist, diffuser.

 NEROLI: Adds joy and love, brings inspiration and enhances creativity. Boosts confidence and self-esteem. Eases depression, sorrow, shock, grief, hysteria. Aids insomnia. USES: Skin care, diffuser, bath, massage, spray mist.

 ORANGE , SWEET: Uplifts the spirits, good for meditation involving inner child healing. USES: Massage, inhalation, bath, skin care.

PALMAROSA: Stimulates skin cells. Beneficial for acne and other skin conditions. Digestive stimulant. Soothes the skin. USES: Skin care, bath, massage, diffuser, spray mist.

PATCHOULI: Anti-fungal, insect repellant, anti-depressant, alleviates confusion, lethargy and depression. USES: Massage, bath, skin care, diffuser.

PEPPERMINT: Refreshes, revitalizes, excites. Aids concentration and decisiveness. Calms nerves. Digestive problems, breath freshener, mouthwash. Good for motion sickness, nausea, headaches. DO NOT USE DURING PREGNANCY. USES: Diffuser, bath, massage, spray mist.

PETITGRAIN: Uplifts the spirits. Reduces stress. Eases mental fatigue, enhances memory. Good for stress, insomnia, tension. USES: Massage, bath, diffuser.

PINE: Antiseptic, anti-fungal, assists with respiratory and circulatory systems. With steam inhalation, good for colds, sore throats, bronchitis. USES: Sauna, bath, diffuser, steam inhalation, spray mist, chest rub (diluted).

ROSE: Enhances creativity, appreciation of beauty and harmony, relieves tension, female hormonal balancer, good for anxiety and depression. USES: Massage, bath, diffuser, skin care, spray mist.

ROSEMARY: Anxiety and depression. Beneficial for liver, gallbladder, respiratory and immune systems. Stimulates hair growth. Relieves muscle pain, arthritic and rheumatic pain. Antiseptic qualities. DO NOT USE DURING PREGNANCY, IF YOU HAVE HIGH BLOOD PRESSIRE OR EPILEPSY. USES: Massage, bath, chest rub, spray mist, diffuser, skin and hair care.

ROSEWOOD: Eases anxiety, depression, moodiness. Relieves headaches. Menopause symptoms. Refreshes and uplifts. Natural deodorant. USES: Massage, skin care, diffuser, bath, spray mist.


SANDALWOOD: Anti-depressant, urinary and respiratory conditions. Headaches, nausea, stress reduction. Aphrodisiac. Stimulates digestive processes. USES: Diffuser, bath, massage, steam inhalation, spray mist.

TANGERINE: Relieves stress and tension. Aids sleep. Enhances mood. USES: Massage, bath, spray mist, diffuser.

TEA TREE : Antibacterial, anti-fungal, antiviral, stimulates immune system, tooth and gum infections, insect bites and stings. USES: Diffuser, bath, massage, chest rub, steam inhalation.

VETIVER: Sedates and warms. Aphrodisiac. Relaxes, eases tension. Aids insomnia. USES: Massage, diffuser, bath.

YLANG YLANG: Eases depression and exhaustion. Balances oily skin. A flowery aphrodisiac. Calms the nerves. Stress, anxiety, PMS. Hair growth. USES: Bath , massage, skin and hair care, diffuser.





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