The pleasure of holding a steaming cup of tea in your hands…the cup warms your hands, and the steamy aroma tantalizes your senses. Teas can heal, calm, invigorate, cleanse, detoxify, and rejuvenate. From ancient to contemporary times, the Chinese, Japanese, English, Native American Indian, Eastern Indian and Greek cultures all share a history of using teas (often combined with exotic spices and herbs) for healing and ritual purposes.

Black, Green, White and Red teas are used individually or blended with herbs and spices. Black tea energizes and is used very frequently by dieters as its caffeine contents naturally suppresses the appetite. Green tea can be purchased with our without caffeine, is therapeutic in nature, used by many cancer patients for tumor reduction and by dieters as an appetite suppressant. Stimulates the immune system, lowers cholesterol, fights tooth decay. White tea has a milder flavor and is considered by many as the most therapeutic of all teas. Red tea is a caffeine-free South African tea known for its rejuvenating qualities.


We carry teas by providers such as GAIA, New Chapter, Prince of Peace Triple Leaf Tea, STASH, Celebration Herbal, NOW Real Tea, Uncle Lee's, Almased, Traditional Medicind Health King, Higher Twing, Láci La Beau.


ALFALFA: Alkalizes and detoxifies the body, acts as a diuretic, anti-inflammatory and supports the digestive system.

ASTRAGALUS: Protects the immune system, good for colds, flu, increased stamina, immune-deficiency conditions such as AIDS, cancer and tumors.

BILBERRY: Antioxidant, keeps blood vessels flexible, useful for night blindness, stress, anxiety and strengthens connective tissue.

BIRCH: Diuretic, anti-inflammatory, analgesic.

BLACK COHOSH: Induces labor and aids in childbirth. Supports the cardiovascular and circulatory systems.

BLACK WALNUT: Aids in parasite cleansing, digestion and has laxative qualities.

BLESSED THISTLE: Increases milk flow in nursing mothers. Heals the liver and stimulates the appetite. Improves circulation.

BLUE COHOSH: Stimulates contractions for childbirth. Menstrual and nervous disorders.

BUCHU: Bladder infections, kidney problems. Diuretic. Prostate disorders.

BURDOCK: Blood purifier. Antioxidant. Aids in elimination of excess fluids, toxins, uric acid.

BUTCHER’S BROOM: Reduces inflammation. Aids in circulatory problems including vertigo and varicose veins.


CATNIP: Dispels gas an aids in digestion. Stress. Colds and flu.

CAT’S CLAW: Anti-inflammatory. Antioxidant. Viral infections.

CHAMOMILE: Stress, anxiety, menstrual cramps and sleep.

CHASTE TREE: Regulates menstrual flow. Normalizes hormonal levels. Calms and sooths.

CHICKWEED: Colds, coughs, circulatory problems, nasal congestion.

CORNSILK: Diuretic. Prostate disorders.

CRANBERRY: Urinary tract infections.

DAMIANA: Sexual and hormonal balancer.

DANDELION: Diuretic. Blood cleanser. Liver tonic.

DEVIL’S CLAW: Analgesic, reduces inflammation, gout.

DONG QUAI: Analgesic, diuretic, PMS, hot flashes, vaginal dryness.

ECHINACEA: Immune and lymphatic system booster. Bacterial and viral infections.

ELDERBERRY: Boosts immune system; relieves coughs and congestion.

EPHEDRA: Asthma, colds, allergies.

EUCALYPTUS: Decongestant. Colds, coughs, respiratory disorders.

EYEBRIGHT: Eye strain and discomfort.

FENNEL: Clears the lungs. Relieves gas and abdominal pain.

FENUGREEK: Increases milk flow for nursing mothers. Laxative. Reduces fever.

FEVERFEW: Migraine headaches, inflammation, bronchial and lung health.

GINGER: Morning sickness, indigestion, nausea, motion sickness, bowel disorders and circulation.

GINKGO: Circulation, brain function. Tinnitis, memory loss.

GINSENG: Strengthens immune system, adrenals and reproductive organs.

GOLDENSEAL: Strengthens immune system, lymphathic and respiratory systems. Colds and flu. Reduces blood pressure. Body cleanser.

GOTU KOLA: Circulatory problems, varicose veins. Fatigue and depression fighter. Increases sex drive.

GUARANA: High in caffeine. Stimulant. Fatigue fighter. Improves stamina and endurance.

HAWTHORNE: Restores heart muscle. Cardiovascular and circulatory disorders.

HOPS: Insomnia, pain, anxiety.

HOREHOUND: Respiratory disorders. Immune system booster.

HORSE CHESTNUT: Varicose veins, nighttime leg cramps.

HORSETAIL: Promotes healthy connective tissue, hair, skin, nails, aids in healing of broken bones, gout, muscle cramps and prostate disorders.

HYSSOP: Dispels gas. Regulates blood pressure, relieves congestion and expels mucus from the respiratory tract.

JUNIPER: Decongestant, anti-inflammatory, diuretic.

KAVA KAVA: Pain reliever, anti-anxiety, stress, insomnia.

LICORICE: Anti-viral, anti-bacterial, fights inflammation.

MARSHMALLOW: Soothes mucous membranes, heals the skin. Bladder infection, digestive problems.

MILK THISTLE: Liver tonic. Gallbladder, kidney and adrenal disorders.

MULLEIN: Analgesic, laxative, clears congestion, hay fever, insomnia.

NETTLE: Analgesic, diuretic, expectorant.

PAPAYA: Indigestion, heartburn, appetite stimulant.

PARSLEY: Freshens breath, relieves gas, expels worms. Tonic for bladder, kidney, liver, lung, stomach and thyroid.

PASSIONFLOWER: Anxiety, stress, insomnia.

PAU D’ARCO: Blood cleanser. Infections (bacterial and viral).

PEPPERMINT: Indigestion, irritable bowel syndrome, nausea.

RED CLOVER: Blood purifier. Skin disorders.

RED RASPBERRY: Morning sickness, menstrual disorders, hot flashes, strengthens uterine walls.

ROSEMARY: Inflammation. Liver detoxifier. Circulatory issues. Relaxes the stomach.

SAGE: Dries up breast milk. Tonsillitis. Gum problems.

ST. JOHN’S WORT: Depression. Stress.

SAW PALMETTO: Appetite stimulant. Benign prostate hyperplasia. Diuretic.

SKULLCAP: Anxiety, stress, insomnia, fatigue, headaches.

SLIPPERY ELM: Soothes mucous membranes. Colitis, diverticulitis, gastritis, diarrhea.

SUMA: Boosts the immune system. Fatigue, stress, high blood pressure.

UVA URSI: Kidney and bladder infections, prostate disorders.

VALERIAN: Anxiety, insomnia, nervousness, spasms, pain.

YERBA MATE: Blood cleanser, appetite suppressant


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Owner Karla Olterman with her daughter, Kiersten, and grandchildren, Nicholas and Isabella-Sofie.

Owner Karla Olterman with her daughter, Kiersten, and grandchildren, Nicholas and Isabella-Sofie.

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